Here's my collection of cool things I found lying on the ground!!

aka, I searched for a very long time for the emoticons from's old message board and finally found them and I'm putting them here so I never lose them again. This will be where I put other neat things I found from dead things in the future!
Name Icon Code
alien alien ::)
angel angel o:)
blush blush ;x
bubble gum bubble gum :-{}
bunny bunny >:o}
cat cat :o{
devil devil <:->
dog dog :o}
flame flame ~:-(
gross gross :8
kiss kiss :-*
lizard lizard ~~@
money money $-)
sad sad :(
sleep sleep ;-Z
smile smile :)
star star *:)
sun sun >O<
surprise surprise :-O
tongue tongue :-P
wink wink ;)
yell yell !:o
zipper zipper :-#