Obligatory ID/Kin Page

I am primarily a shapeshifter.
I shift between a range of small creatures to monstrous beasts, but am presently quite content as an oppossum.

I also shift to mechanical forms, robot and computer and the like. Very often with glitches.
I'll use this space here to mention as well that I am objectum, which I feel ties in with my electronic kintyping. :'L
After all, if you made it here, I feel safe enough for you to know this.

Fiction IDs

I don't really think I'm fictionkin? But I relate to/ID with these characters a lot!!

My government assigned kins

(ie, my friends insist rather strongly for one reason or another that I am these guys)

If you kin any of my fiction IDs, I'm chill w/ you! I kin/ID to cope and don't take it very seriously for myself.