Basic info about myself!
Emmet/Grim - They/He - 1997
I like Deltarune, Sonic and Pokemon a lot!

I also draw a lot~ I've got a lil world in my head with all my OC's
I started drawing seriously in about 2009 when I joined Smackjeeves and made some super awesome friends! We did Sonic sprite comics for the most part, and my love of making comics like that and Sonic the Hedgehog in general pushed me to get better at drawing~
I mostly draw original OC stuff now, my Sonic OC's have evolved into more general furries in their own world and story. But I still have a very special place in my heart for Sonic! vuv
For a more exhaustive list of my interests, click here!

despite that I still don't have any Sonic related gifs here, hmmm... better fix that.

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